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All that brazing for the cooling lines

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Silver welding rod is a deep solid filler metal with silver or silver base, with excellent process performance, not high melting point, good wettability and the ability to fill the gap, and high strength, good plasticity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, can be used to braze all black and non-ferrous metals except aluminum, magnesium and other low melting point metals.


Refrigeration is generally selected welding line containing 2% of the bank's low silver welding rod and silver 20% high silver welding rod, silver welding rod has low cost, wide application, but the characteristics of high temperature brazing of copper and copper alloy, and high silver welding rod has a low temperature, good wettability, but the characteristics of the high cost, brazing of copper and copper alloy and steel and other materials.




⒈, silver welding rod good liquidity, cheap price, excellent process performance;


2, silver welding rod has not high melting point, good wetting and the ability to fill the gap;


⒊, silver welding rod joint with high strength, good plasticity, excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance;


Tom, brazing copper and silver have self brazing, can not use brazing agent, if used, can make the weld more closely beautiful;


Silver welding rod, low cost, silver section, silver generation, suitable for welding copper and copper and copper alloy.

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