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Company advantages

 The member of China Welding Association, and relying on welding Department of Tsinghua University, with powerful technology support.

 Comprehensive quality management system, approved by ISO9001.

 Advanced production equipment, ensure the quality and quantity of product.

 Advanced testing equipment to ensure products ingredients stability

 The Phos-copper brazing alloy production is in the leading position in China.

 Henan technology-based enterprises.

Products advantages

  • 1

    Company adopts high purity cathode copper(copper content is 99.99%), 1# silver, and high quality Phos-Copper alloy, reduce the content of impurities from raw material.

  • 2

    In accordance with the RoSH standards, strictly control product quality from the ingredient - semi-finished products – finished.

  • 3

    Company adopts intermediate frequency melting horizontal cast line and electromagnetic mixing to ensure uniformity of content, reduce the oxide.

  • 4

    Our flattening mill daily output can reach 800-900kg,it is Patent cooperation

  • 5

    315-800 tons uniform extruder, the uniform extrusion speed, improves product plasticity.

  • 6

    Full automatic high efficiency shot blasting machine, save production manufacture cycle, increase production capacity.