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Now our products have already been widely used in refrigeration, refrigerators, air-conditioner, aerospace, nuclear power system, electric appliances, drilling and excavation, and jewelry, etc. We supply welding rod, welding wire, welding ring, flat wire, wire coils and kinds of brazing materials with different size and figurate.

With excellent quality and service, currently we take more than 60-70% marketing shares in domestic, including the international famous companies, such as Midea Group and Gree Electric Appliances, Danfoss, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc.

Also we export to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other regions and countries. And the products are all well-received by customers.

  • 1

    Phos-Copper Brazing Alloy
    (No Silver Solder)

    It’s suitable for brazing copper with copper alloy parts. It has good fluidity, low cost, perfect processing property. No need to add flux when brazing copper and silver, and the joint has good strength.

  • 2

    Brass Brazing Alloy

    It is suitable for different types of hard alloy and welding of other metals. And braze copper, mild steel, castiron, nickel alloy, hard alloy and other materials. It has good toughness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, etc.

  • 3

    Silver Brazing Alloy

    Phos-Copper-Silver Brazing Alloy can reduce melting point, improve plasticity of brazing alloy and wettability of copper, as well as brazing alloy’s strength and toughness. It’s suitable for brazing copper and copper alloy parts. It has good fluidity and brazing property, improve strength and good plasticity.

  • 4

    Welding Rings

    Welding rings are a popular and effective method of filler metal placement. Welding rings are made of a variety of alloy with different compositions and sizes according to customer’s requirements. Welding rings are often used with automated brazing equipment to ensure braze filler metal placement at the exact location. Welding rings are created with exact dimensional and reliable fluidity.