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Matters needing attention in argon arc welding of copper and stainless steel

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First to do the assessment: first look for stainless steel and copper to do the weldability analysis, can be welded, and will not produce welding defects, so in this process, the need to pay attention to some details when welding


1. Welding Angle, inclined to copper side


2. If the copper size is large, it needs to be preheated and welded by high-power power supply. If the power supply is not enough, the molten pool is not well formed and the occlusion is not good, it is easy to form welding defects


3, on the premise of opening the pool, try to reduce the weld burning loss, that is, wire walking should be fast, do not always stay in the weld to weld burning loss, so it is easy to cause the low melting point of the weld metal burning defects.


4. After general preheating, on the basis of being able to open the molten pool, try to reduce the line energy. One is by fast welding speed, and the other is by lowering the current (here refers to the current can be lowered as far as possible on the premise of opening the molten pool).


5, the part of the arc do not form arc arc pit, need to fill the arc pit, through frequent buckle welding, slow slow cooling to control the arc hole or arc pit crack.

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