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Welding technology of silver and its alloys

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Gas welding


When pure silver gas welding, should use oxygen-acetylene neutral flame, its power choice by 1mm pure silver plate per hour consumption of 100 ~ 150L combustible gas, oxygen-methane flame can also be used.Pure silver in gas welding can be 3 ~ 4mm wide sterling silver strip or containing 0.5 ~ 1.0%Al silver wire as filler metal.Flux is composed of 50% borax and 50% boric acid.Adding an appropriate amount of aluminum flux (CJ401) to the formula is beneficial to the removal of aluminum oxide film.Leftward welding should be adopted during operation, and strong standard welding should be selected as far as possible to achieve the purpose of heating welding parts quickly.Its welding joint strength is generally 98 ~ 127MP.



The brazing property of silver and its alloys is very good. Silver base filler metal is mainly used in brazing.FIG. 3 shows the solder used in vacuum brazing, which is commonly used in electronic products.Good brazing quality can also be obtained by using hydrogen or argon shielding.For example, the brazing agent must be used in common brazing, resistance brazing, flame brazing, etc

Soft soldering


Soft brazing of silver and its alloys is generally made of tin-lead solder, such as Sn60Pb40 eutectic solder, melting point is 183℃, etc.The technological methods adopted include soldering of soldering iron, brazing of flame, brazing in general furnace, etc.When brazing in air, neutral brazing agents can be used, such as rosin alcohol solution, (18%ZnCl2+6%NH4Cl+76%H2O) aqueous solution.


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