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The distinction between brazing and brazing and the scope of use

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Is brazing and brazing the flux used for welding one brazing and the other brazing?

What are their definitions and scope of use?

Silver brazing

【 Difference between brazing and brazing 】

1. Brazing is a method of using metal material with lower melting point than the base metal as the filler material, heating the welding piece and filler metal to a temperature higher than the melting point of the base metal and lower than the melting temperature of the base metal, wetting the base metal with the liquid filler metal, filling the joint gap and diffusing with the base metal to realize joint welding piece.Brazing is divided into soft brazing, hard brazing and diffusion welding.

Brazing is a kind of brazing, which is a kind of brazing.Refers to the use of copper, copper base as solder brazing.In addition to the characteristics of brazing, it also has the advantages of high strength joints.

[Scope of application] Brazing is not suitable for welding of general steel structure and heavy load and dynamic load machine parts.It is mainly used for manufacturing precision instruments, electrical components, heterogeneous metal components and complex sheet structures, such as sandwich components, honeycomb structures, etc. It is also commonly used for brazing various different wires and cemented carbide.

Brazing has been widely used in machinery, motor, instrument, radio and so on.Cemented carbide, drilling bits, bicycle frames, heat exchangers, conduits and various containers;In the manufacture of microwave waveguides, vacuum tubes and electronic vacuum devices, brazing is even the only possible method of connection.



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