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What is the advantage of argon arc welding compared with ordinary arc welding?

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Argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding in argon protecting medium.It should include GTAW and FTAW. Commonly referred to as TIG welding, it is also known as GTAW abroad, and manual GTAW is the most common.

The biggest advantage of ARGON arc welding compared with common arc welding is that arc combustion is very stable. Once the arc is ignited, even at a very small current (a few amps), the arc combustion is still stable, which can satisfy the welding of some small and thin parts.As the filler wire is generally not electrified, it is indirectly heated by arc, so the heat input is easy to be controlled and adjusted, and there is no droplet transition problem, so there is no splash in the welding process, and the weld shape is beautiful.More importantly, the joint weld is of good quality. Gtaw is widely used in the base welding of some important pressure vessels and pipelines, and has been widely used in aviation and other non-ferrous metal welding.TIG welding can be used for almost all metals and alloys, due to the cost factor, usually used in aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper and other non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and low temperature steel.

Argon is a monatomic gas, colorless, tasteless 25% heavier than air, argon and helium gas, hydrogen than its atomic volume, at high temperature particle movement and diffusion speed is slow, and its poor heat dissipation capacity, at the same time, its specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity are small, all of these factors is beneficial to argon gas ionization under the high temperature of arc, get more charged particles, thus the arc voltage is low, when welding the good safety.

The disadvantages of GTAW include: welding cost is higher than that of electrode arc welding;The welding current is limited because the bearing current of tungsten electrode is limited.Argon gas is greatly affected by the surrounding airflow, so it is not suitable for welding in outdoor or windy places.Argon has a high ionization voltage, second only to helium gas, which makes arc starting difficult.The arc light produced by the same current is much stronger than that of electrode arc welding.

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