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Why I can not solder, solder is how to solder?

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The tip of the soldering iron must be clean before it goes on tin.


The object to be welded should be cleaned with east sand.


For the copper object is relatively easy to be welded, it is possible to use rosin for welding.For iron it is best to use solder water or flux, for steel can only use hydrochloric acid to help welding.


Welding tin water and rosin flux. Original welding circuit board. If you use is the solder water sprinkle it on the circuit board copper with tin wire welding. If rosin is more troublesome. You can use the soldering iron on rosin touch once again put the tin line you want to weld the point with a soldering iron welding. Idea: tin welding after you want to take a look at this point whether full light, presence of virtual welding false welding.


In fact, it is very simple, take some rosin with solder, and then heat the electric soldering iron near the solder, the solder after melting and welding parts to contact, the speed is faster, so that the effect will be better, some solder contains solder paste, I personally think it is better to touch rosin.

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