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What do you mean by end wrap and stop weld of fillet weld

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Welding around: rod end lap, both sides of the fillet weld burning to the end, around the corner to burn a certain length, is welding around.It is stipulated that the welding length of fillet weld should not be less than twice the size of welding foot and continuous welding.In simple terms, a straight weld is enough by calculation, but you have to burn an "L" at the end of the strip.Stop welding: when the rod is subjected to tensile stress, the weld shall terminate in advance at the outer edge of the joint plate of the lap rod, and the spacing shall not be less than the size of the weld foot.General Angle steel and steel plate lap, the design requirement is the tip of the limb and the back of the limb two fillet welds, the length is the Angle of the lap length, but in fact, these two days in the weld at the end of the Angle steel need to "around welding", in the Angle steel and steel plate edge, need to "stop welding".

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